Taking disease by sTORm

Treating and preventing disease by targeting mTOR

Tornado is developing safer, more effective rapalogs to treat disease and extend healthy lifespan

The oral drug rapamycin is the best validated therapeutic to extend healthy lifespan in preclinical species spanning a billion years of evolution from yeast to worms to flies to mice. Therefore rapamycin and its derivatives called rapalogs have the potential to extend healthy lifespan in humans by preventing or treating aging-related diseases. Tornado is developing best-in-class rapalogs that are predicted to be safer and more effective than currently approved rapalogs with strong composition of matter patent protection allowing development in multiple clinical indications.

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Tornado is developing safer, more effective mTOR inhibitors to extend human healthspan

Tornado is developing structural analogues of rapamycin with novel selectivity profiles that are predicted to improve safety and efficacy. The most advanced asset is now moving into IND enabling studies, while a second asset is undergoing preclinical efficacy testing.

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